Older Games

Antz Extreme Racing
(PS2/Xbox/PC, Empire Interactive) July 2002 (Europe & US)

(PSOne /PC, Hasbro Interactive) October 2000 (Europe & US)

(PlayStation /PC, Hasbro Interactive) October 1999 (Europe & US)
One of our greatest challenges: simple gameplay with the depth and technological excellence. ‘Game of the Year' - CTW Magazine

Circuit Breakers
(PlayStation, Mindscape) July/September 1998 (Europe & US)
‘The Game of Champions' 9/10 UK Official PlayStation Magazine

Supersonic Racers
(PAL) / Dare Devil Derby (US)
(PlayStation, Mindscape) November 1996 (Europe & US)
Mindscape's largest ever ship-out for a European product
‘Bloody marvelous - 92%' Play+ Magazine. 9/10 Daily Star

Micro Machines Military
(Sega Megadrive, Codemasters) October 1996 ( Europe )
One of the last games published for use with the Sega Megadrive
In top 5 of Christmas Sega Megadrive sales chart
‘Excellent - 92%' Mean Machines Sega Magazine

Micro Machines '96
(Sega Megadrive, Codemasters) October 1995 ( Europe )
Sequel to Micro Machines 2.
‘You couldn't wish for a more original & enjoyable game - 90%' CVG
‘A racing classic - 92%' GamesMaster Magazine

Micro Machines 2
(Sega Megadrive, PC, Codemasters) November 1994 ( Europe )
Review scores unanimously over 90% and quotes such as ‘the most playable racing game in the world' (GamesMaster Magazine) helped the game into the top 3 selling Megadrive games of the year. The only game ever to receive a 100% score for gameplay in GamesMaster Magazine.
‘There is no more enjoyable game - 96%' PC Attack Magazine
(Highest ever review score ever in this magazine)